Panama City, Panama

Panama City often confused with Panama City, Florida is the Capital of the Republic of Panama. This city can be found in Central America. The city which had been relocated on more than one occasion is now on Panama’s Pacific Coast. Panama City stands at approximately 275 kilometers squared. What is now known as Panama Antigua or Old Panama was the Pacific Coast’s first European settlement in the new world. The settlement flourished but was plundered by Henry Morgan and his men. Two (2) years later in 1673 the development of a new town began a few miles south of the previous location, an area commonly known as Casco Viejo. Today Panama Antigua and Casco Viejo are major tourist sites in the City of Panama. Old Panama is now a World Heritage Site.

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With a population of a little over 1 million people, traffic jams and a dotted skyline Panama City has all the makings of a modern city. The busy city has seen many riots and change of government leaders which has by no means hampered its growth and influence in the region. Panama City’s location near the Panama Canal puts it amongst the world’s frequently visited cities and might just well be one of the world’s most popular cities.

The clash of different races and nationalities each with its own culture definitely makes Panama City very unique. The city has a combination of rhythms and flavors; Caribbean Spice, Latin Rhythm and an international flair. Put together these essential creates a buzz that is only felt in Panama. Nights are certainly majestic; cool breezes, city lights and entertainment. Nightlife in Panama is thrilling! There are bars, nightclubs and pubs to name a few, just to relax and take in the atmosphere. A few casinos are also available for those who enjoy the excitement that only the sound of a slot machine can produce.

For those who do not prefer an adrenaline rush a quiet evening in Panama City is not unheard of. Panama City nightlife also has something special for those seeking solitude. There are many trendy restaurants, bar and grille, cocktail lounges, sushi bars and coffee houses to choose from. Panama City provides a great area to stroll under the city lights whilst taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the city. Our partner Vital Hub Project Management Services offers reliable management support for real estate projects if you’re considering moving to Panama.

The capital city of Panama City is tantalizing by day too. A must see in Panama City is the district or area called Old Panama and Casco Vieja. A walk through these locations means revisiting the country’s history. Building structures of times past can be seen. Artifacts and other documented history can be viewed at the Museo de Sitio de Panama la Vieja. History buffs and visitors can stroll into the Panama Museum of history or the Museo del Canal Interoceanico for a peep into history for a small entrance fee. The Metropolitan Natural Park on the outskirts of Panama City gives a chance to walk into a rain forest. A rain forest near a capital city! Only in Panama. This goes to show the diversity of Panama City. Persons will get a glimpse of different species of wildlife including mammals, birds and a Boa Constrictor or two.

Panama it all its diversity is the hub for commercial and business bustle of the Republic of Panama. Panama’s economy relies chiefly on its services sector which provides banking, insurance, tourism, health care and medical care and flagship registry. Panama City is home to many banks and numerous offices in the services sectors. The services sector is strongly supported by modern technology, good communications systems and professional staff. At the nearby Panama Canal ships cross the Pacific Ocean into the Atlantic Ocean and vice versa which adds to the busy hum of the city. A shopper’s paradise Panama City caters to every whim of a modern shopper.

Panama City offers something to persons from every walk of life; the businessman, tourist, the nature lover and the young at heart.

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