Panama City Attractions

The bustling capital of the Republic of Panama, Panama City has lots of appealing places to visit. The main area of commerce and banking of the Republic of Panama occupies an estimated area of 275 kilometers squared. The town has a very rich historical background dating back to 1501. Panama City caters to everyone from every walk of life. A very popular city Panama City is diverse in its culture and what it has to offer. The capital city of Panama is located on the Pacific Coast of Panama and has a population of over one million people. Historians often joke that Panama City is the city which have been relocated the most.

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The historical districts of Old Panama and Colonial Panama are very important tourist areas and attractions in Panama City. Both areas have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Both historical areas are home to some of the oldest structures, buildings and streets to be found in Panama. The Catedral de San José where the famous Golden Altar is found is located in Colonial Panama. Museums dedicated to the Panama Canal, natural sciences, anthropology, African-Antillean people who helped construct the Panama Canal, Colonial religious Art are all located in the historical districts of Panama City. A small entrance fee which contributes to the upkeep of the museums is often charged at most museums in the area.

The Metropolitan Natural Park on the outskirts of Panama City is a nature lover’s paradise. The park is approximately 265 hectares in size. The area was declared a park in 1985. The rain forest has an abundance of different species of wildlife. Of the near one thousand (1,000) species of bird found in Panamanian rain forests 227 species can be seen in Metropolitan Natural Park. 45 species of mammals, 14 species of amphibians and 36 different species of reptiles can be found in the area. The rain forest is divided into two sections; a dry tropical rain forest and a humid tropical rain forest. There are popular lookout points and trails within the park. There is also an orchid garden.

Panama gained worldwide popularity for the Panama Canal located in the capital city. Often referred the eighth wonder of the world, the canal is manmade and the only project of its magnitude to have been created thus far. It was made to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The French were the first to attempt the construction of the canal which was eventually constructed with financing from the government of the United States in 1914. Workers from almost every country in the world labored to finish this monstrous project. From strategic points onlookers get a firsthand experience of seeing enormous ships and vessels glide up and down the canal.

Near the Panama Canal is the Miraflores Visitors Center from which passing ships can be viewed. The center has four very interesting exhibition rooms. One is dedicated to the history of the Panama Canal explaining how it started, how it was constructed, engineering and technical information. A second exhibition provides information on the significance of the Panama Canal to world trade, the types of ships which cross canal etc. A third room shows the biodiversity of the area surrounding the canal and the importance of water to the environment. A Final exhibition describes the operations of the canal.

The Amador Causeway is a popular site in the City. It was constructed by the United States Army as protection from the sea. The Causeway connects four (4) islands. Along the Amador Causeway are several trendy restaurants and hangout spots. The area has trails designed for jogging and biking. The Amador Causeway is a great place to enjoy sea breezes whilst taking in the sight of passing ships on the nearby Panama Canal.

Summit Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a good place to view and enjoy the flora and fauna of Panama. Located on the outskirts of Panama City the entire area is 250 hectares in size. A very popular attraction is the Jaguar Exhibit. Harpy Eagle the largest predator bird in Panama can also be viewed at the zoo. A number of species including birds, monkeys, and crocodiles can be seen. A small entrance fee has to be paid.

Panama’s City is a shopper’s delight. There are many shopping plazas and malls in the city area where goods (souvenirs, clothing etc) can be purchase at very affordable prices. The very colorful and authentic Central Avenue Market Place is a good place to pick up bargains whilst mingling with local artists. Most shops in Panama are opened from 9 am to 6 pm.

Panama City nightlife is not lacking. There are many hip, modern nightclubs which cater to people of all ages. Cozy bars and pubs around the city entertain those who come out at nights. Many restaurants and watering holes are alive at night some providing live entertainment such as groovy jazz, Latin music or Caribbean reggae beats. Some of the bigger hotels in the city area have casinos for those looking for a different thrill.

Panama City attractions provide fun and entertaining way to spend time. The spectacular capital city has something to offer everyday of the week.

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